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    Lin Yin

    I want to use custom font that meet my requirement.How do I do.

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    Rahul M

    The font size and style changes during 'compose' even if the default font and size are set. The recipient finds it very awkward to find an email with different font and sizes! It gets even worse! I could only notice it from 'sent' folder after the email is sent! Any fix for this issue?

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    Shane McCracken

    My Mailbird still has Tahoma 10 as the default font even if the default is set to something different. It will start composing in the chosen font but if you move the cursor or come back to the email then it often will compose in Tahoma creating a very unprofessional and hard to read email.

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    DN Bianco

    I need to use Segoe UI as my default font. Please, Tahoma? Seriously? All Windows PC have Segoe UI as a native font. Since XP Service Pack 3, Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 have SEGOE UI!!! Please add this option.

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    The "font changes while comsing email" bug is why I left Thunderbird (which, yes, interestingly has the same issue) after years and years of use, just to give you an idea how important this is.

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    I think the very limited number of sources, wish it had more options. When I compose email the source is Tahuma 10, even setting another source. Is it just me or Mailbird developers do not usually pay much attention the doubts and suggestions from users of Mailbird?

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    Chris Obern

    I have change the font size, on reading individual email, though i would like to increase font on showing all emails in Inbox etc. How can do this please

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    Asif Solkar

    Please add ability to change application ui font

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    Zvjezdan Guzijan

    No way to size up the ui font? It's too small, so I would suggest a bit more work on the accessibility aspect of the app. It really is a must.

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    Howard Karger

    I paid for a personal license for Mailbird but I can't use the program because the font size on my email list is too small. Because of that, I'm giving up Mailbird and cannot recommend it to friends. I can't figure out why it is so hard to enlarge the text on the email list and folders, especially since people have been complaining about that for years.

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