Turning Conversation View On or Off




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    Gary Rifkin

    Thank you! This was a showstopper for me.

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    Dasha Zolotko

    Glad it worked, Gary!

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    Gregory Smith

    This did not work for me.  

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    Eric Woods

    Glad you can turn that off but WHY is it under "Send and Archive"? It is not relevant to sending or to archiving !!???!!

    It is to do with Appearance, and there is even a section there for Conversations !! We looked there, and cound not find the option and almost uninstalled mailbird because of it - you were lucky we tried google.

    P.S. Under Appearance -> Conversations there an option to "Show Important Mail indicator". What on earth has that got to do with Conversations ??!!?? Is it April Fools day? What is going on ??!!

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    I don't want the conversation style. Both the boxes as in the above example in my version are unchecked but still get the emails grouped by conversations. Can anyone help

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    Kathy Do

    Is there anyway to show the email thread as oldest to newest message first but have it preselected on the newest message?


    The way that it is done in Gmail currently.

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    Bagik Setiawan

    Hi All,

    @Xxchrishillxxafter you disable this feature, did you already restart Mailbird? If not, please to restart it first.

    @Kathy Do, I'm afraid Mailbird does not yet support that feature yet.


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    Pis Isler



    This feature is enabled but while I see the conversation as threaded in Mailbird; it's not threaded in Gmail itself. Why is that and how can I fix it?

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    Bagik Setiawan

    Hi @Pis Isler,

    Could you please send an email to support@getmailbird.com? BTW, please also let us know when you send an email to support if you use a POP3 setting or an IMAP?

    Thanks. :)

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    Its a pity you can't turn this on and as a viewing option - without having to turn programme off and back on. Something for development ? 

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    Bagik Setiawan

    Hi Spa,


    I'm afraid this is not in our roadmap right now. Although we can't implement this improvement right away, I have gone ahead and shared it with our product and development team for further consideration

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