Mailbird freezes or hangs

If Mailbird freezes, please try:

- disable your Antivirus/Firewall

- disable FormSwift app if you use it

- Locate the following folder: 'C:\Users(UserName)\AppData\Local\Mailbird\'. Replace (UserName) with your Windows user's name - e.g. John Doe. Find a folder called misc, back it up and delete the original. After that start Mailbird again 


If all the above does not help, please submit a request to, specifying:

- your version of Mailbird

- are you seeing a black border around the Compose window?

- are you using the FormSwift app in Mailbird?

Please attach your log file. This file allows us to get a detailed history on Mailbird as it runs on your machine, including any errors it may find. Here is how to find it:

In Mailbird, hold down CTRL and SHIFT while clicking on the Mailbird menu. This will enable a hidden item called 'Open Data Directory'. Click it, and Windows Explorer will pop up and open a folder. In this folder is a file called 'Log.log'. This is the Mailbird log file. Please attach it to your reply.


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